Interview: Dr. Chuck Tingle

The following interview was loaned to us with the kind permission of Kindle Cover Disasters.


Dr. Chuck Tingle has authored some of the 21st Century’s most important works, including I’m Gay for My Billionaire Jet Plane, Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt and the extraordinarily timely Hunter Dentist Pounded in the Butt by Cecil the Handsome Unicorn. Having requested an interview, we were given the rare honor of talking to the writer, father and Tae Kwon Do Master. What follows can only be described as the most illuminating and erotic discourse in the history of words.

KCD: Please talk us through your writing process. What does your typical work day look like?

Chuck Tingle: typical day in Billings is waking up early for meditation and thinking up new tinglers. gotta start off with a big spagetti breakfast first though (try not to get stains on your sheets you goofball thats not a cool guy look and it makes you sleep bad when youve got sauce in your hair) Most of the time me and son name of Jon will walk to Starbucks and talk about all sorts of fun stuff, then he goes to work and I keep watch over the house in case Ted Cobbler (DEVILMAN) tries to sneak in a cast a spell. Sometimes ill sing songs to the bird in the alley out back and they sing to me too and tell me secrets from the neighborhood.

I understand you were awarded your PhD by DeVry University. What was your experience of this prestigious educational institution?

Devry is a VERY FAMOUS school with lots of doctors and other handsome types (big timers in suits sayin “whacha gonna do hot shot, KISS ME?”) this is an important place for all men who kiss and for scientific evidence that love is real.  Most of the time going there is just sitting at your computer screen typing questions that your son jon left for you. makes me feel like a buckaroo and THATS THAT next question.

When you sit down to write a Tingler do you outline first or simply go where the mood takes you?

thanks when i write tinglers I like to have the idea planned out in my head like whos kissing who or whats gonna happen when the plane has cute abs. then i start to write and the funny feeling gets going kinda embarrasing you know? but thats how i know its a good tingler. that takes a whole day of real hard work and then I give it to my son for editing. he is so handsome with really great calves and abs hes been working on them so hard and im so happy for him. (one day i want to be just like my son he is my everything and he is the worlds most PERFECT man in a normal way nothing weird). PLEASE UNDERSTAND that it is normal for a man to want to watch his son LEARN his body and want to be inside of him like a growing twin.

You’re known to design your own highly lauded and remarkably attention-grabbing book covers. How important do you think a book’s cover is to its success?

covers are very important thats my favorite part of all tinglers. just find a nice photo of a handsome man and put him into the story, make it looks like everyones having a good time like nobody fights or ever yells. words show that love is the soul of books and covers show that imagination is real. thanks.

Your books tend to be fairly short in length. Do you have any plans to write a more substantial Tingler?

tinglers are suppose to be short like a little kick in the pants to get you going thats just the way the cookie crumbles. sometimes longer is better though so I have novel called Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass and also working on new novel about the Unicorn Butt Cops: Billings Division teaming up with a regular old office wizard that is very, very long like an epic lord of the rings with butt pounding thank you.

How do you deal with negative reviews? (assuming you’ve experienced them).

all negative reviews are hacks from the scoundrel TED COBBLER evil man who lives down the street and causes most crime in Billings. he is a snake in the grass and a devilman with no soul. Ted Cobbler hacked into the amazon mainframe and said bad things about books for real love but guess what buddy CAUGHT YOU now you look like a goofball just like when you drive down the street in your hotshot new car nobody cares idiot.

What do you do to relax between books?

used to relaxed with Tae Kwon Do but some goofball parents said i was too old for the glass anymore so now ive been working on spells and new ways of looking at ideas like an idea about turning the air into milk and that kind of thing. cant think too much anymore though when my wifes ghost is hanging around moaning all night or sitting in the tub in the dark.

Who are you favorite writers?

Stephens King, Mike Criton and Chibs Pratt espically when that wrote book name of CLOWN MAN. Also book name of CIRLCE about a guy underwater who likes to imagine octopus arms and guess what buddy there coming out in real life. this is proof that imagination in the soul of real books for all men.

What words of wisdom do you have for other authors looking to make inroads into the erotic milieu?

dont know what a meleu is but probably tell them that books make love real so write those.  best thing to do is write from your heart make up stories that make you tingle deep down inside your butts heart or maybe things about kissing that makes you want to cover your eyes but take a peek?

Finally, what question do you wish I’d asked but didn’t?

please ask question about REMOVING MY OWN SKIN to be a more handsome man. thanks.

The Doctor’s latest Tingler, Oppressed In The Butt By My Inclusive Holiday Coffee Cups, is available for purchase HERE.


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