Story Shop: Better Stories Faster


You know the Sterling & Stone guys, right? Johnny, Sean & Dave, writers of such indie titans as the ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ and ‘Invasion’ series, and the hosts of the essential ‘Self Publishing Podcast’. Well, they’ve got something potentially very useful for story writers.

It’s called ‘Story Shop’ and it’s essentially an app that helps you plan and build stories, so that when the time comes to put fingers to keys, you know your story back-to-front and can write better stories faster.

I’d LOVE this to come to fruition, it’s an app I want to play with RIGHT NOW. But if the project doesn’t fund, it won’t happen. There’s only a couple of days left to help them reach their target.

SO! Go take a look, read the bumpf, watch the vid, and choose your pledge level!


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