The Nightblade Epic Scrubs Up Nice

garrettAuthor Garrett Robinson is a familiar name on the indie scene. He’s been pumping out books and Youtube vids for a few years now, and his most notable creation, ‘The Nightblade Epic’, is about to get a snazzy cover re-brand.

The reason behind this move? Well, Garrett, the jammy swine, is officially becoming part of the Sterling & Stone family, with an imprint of his very own: ‘Legendary’. 

Here’s what Garrett had to say to his readers:

“My books are now part of Sterling & Stone, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only because I’ve been friends with them ever since I was still a baby writer pooping my diaper, but also because their books KICK ASS.

Sterling & Stone’s greatest strength is their exceptional storytelling. I’ve got some skills there, too. But S&S is always striving for technical perfection, inside and out.  As I write this, the Nightblade series is being heavily revised by Sean and his team. But the outside of the book matters just as much. Let’s face it, EVERYONE judges a book by its cover, including you. 

You probably know my Nightblade covers already. They’re not terrible. But I did them myself, and I’m not a professional. Sterling & Stone books are PRO. They look PRO. You wouldn’t be surprised to see them on any bookstore shelf. And now the Nightblade books are getting the same treatment…and I’m really pleased to finally be able to show them to you…”

Here’s how the first book in the series originally looked:


And here it is now, all dressed up in its fresh new duds:


As cool as that original cover is, there’s no doubt that the new one is going to pull the eye of a wider range of readers. Here’s the rest of the new covers:



Pretty sweet, no? Garrett continues:

“Shadeborn is the fourth book in the Nightblade Epic, but the first one that Sean and I worked on from the very beginning. Sean has been like a coach, guiding the book from conception to creation, and you’re definitely going to notice. 

It’s still my work, my voice, but with an infusion of awesome sauce that you’re going to appreciate on every page. And now I’m ready to show you the new face of Shadeborn …”

Here’s the cover:


It’ll be interesting to see how these ace new covers will affect the series fortunes, and how being part of Sterling & Stone will affect Garrett’s career as a whole. (Also, if you’re reading, please give me my own imprint, Sterling & Stone. Thanks. *kisses*)

For more info on Garrett and his works, go here: Garrett Robinson

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