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We’re all piggy little entertainment junkies, forever jonesing for that next sweet hit, so here are some of our top picks to sate that constant, screaming itch in your brain meat:


W/ Bob & David WBOBDAVID_VerticalKeyArt_Final

Mr Show is a seminal US sketch show starring Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and David Cross (Arrested Development) . It ran on HBO for four seasons during the nineties and featured some of the greatest sketch comedy ever written; sketches like The Audition and The Story of EverestThe duo have always said they’d be up for doing more, and now, thanks to Netflix, they return, under the W/Bob & David moniker.

It’s a short run of just four episodes; head to Netflix now to check if the pair have still got it.



Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell witches covers

Paul Cornell’s new novella, published by Tor, is best described as a rural fantasy. Here’s the skinny:

Traveler, Cleric, Witch.

The villagers in the sleepy hamlet of Lychford are divided. A supermarket wants to build a major branch on their border. Some welcome the employment opportunities, while some object to the modernization of the local environment.

Judith Mawson (local crank) knows the truth — that Lychford lies on the boundary between two worlds, and that the destruction of the border will open wide the gateways to malevolent beings beyond imagination.

But if she is to have her voice heard, she’s going to need the assistance of some unlikely allies…

A second Lychford novella is set to be released late next year. Pick up this opening story HERE.



The Classic Horror Cast

classic horror

Hosted by Erik, Kyle and Sean, The Classic Horror Cast is a monthly podcast which discusses one classic horror movie each episode.

From Nosferatu, to Suspiria, to The Silence of the Lambs, the trio pull the films apart, looking for what works, and what doesn’t.

When told they would be this weeks podcast highlight, the hosts said: “……”

They, uh, didn’t reply. Obviously overwhelmed by the honour.

But don’t let that put you off; if you love classic horror movies, this is a mighty fine way to spend an hour.

Click here: Classic Horror Cast

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