Top 10 Strangest Shapeshifter Romances

*Thanks to Kindle Cover Disasters for helping us source these terrible, terrible images.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the form, shifter romance is a book sub-genre that gets around the whole “bestiality is illegal” thing by having the animal briefly turn into a human being so it can give sexual consent (I assume, I mean it’s not like I’ve actually read any of these things). Anyway, here are ten offerings that prove just how far behind the times you are if you though shapeshifters ended at regular old werewolves…

1. Someone to Cuttle by Luna Loupe


2. Werehipsters by Stikki Minaj


3. Legal Beagle by Cynthia Sax


4. Taken by the Swarm: Seduced by Werebees by A M Ball


5. Mated to the Meerkat by Lia Silver


6. My Lactation Consultant is a Lesbian Werewolf by Bytch Williams


7. Fur-Given by Milly Taiden


8. Jaimie and the Mysterious Earthworm’s Appetite for Anal Delight by Mathias Jubet


9. Hedging His Bets by Celine Kyle and Mina Carter


10. President Chump’s Gay Hairpiece and the Revenge of the Were-Water Buffalo by Phoenix Debray



Did we miss one of your favorites? Then why not let us know in the comments section, you goddamn pervert?


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