Serialised Fiction?

Hey there, you stinkin’, no good reader! Looks like we tripped and found ourselves in 2016; the FUTURE! Wow. I could hardly have envisaged the zippy, sci-fi word we now find ourselves in when I was  a child. I mean, hover boards with wheels that in no way hover; incredible!

One of the things I as an author am currently planning to do in this fresh, disappointingly un-futuristic year is put out a serial. “What’s a serial, handsome?” Good question! A serial is basically a lot of shorter stories, that when added together, make one longer story. Think of them like a season of a TV show, with each release being an ‘episode’ of that season.

I thought I’d point you in the direction of some recent hot-to-trot serials. Why not check ’em out and blow a dollar or two, money bags?

Click the links below each pic to check out part one of the story.

Beacon 23

beacon 23


Zero Hour

awesome zero


Pistols & Pyramids




Black Star Canyon

black star


Do YOU have a kick-ass serial our readers should know about? 


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