Watch, Read, Listen

We’re all piggy little entertainment junkies, forever jonesing for that next sweet hit, so here are some of our top picks to sate that constant, screaming itch in your brain meat:


Funnel by Andre Hyland

This short film produced by Mr Show’s Bob Oedenkirk has been described as “a slacker Mission: Impossible”. Check it out HERE.



Ten Billion Tomorrows by Brian Clegg

Science writer Brian Clegg’s latest book, Ten Billion Tomorrows, analyses the intersections of the sci-fi genre and our own reality. It’s an engaging, brainy, read for fiction fans and science nerds alike, and you can buy it HERE.



Nerdist Writers Panel

The Nerdist Writers Panel series is an informal chat with professional writers on the process and business of writing. It covers TV, film, comic books, music, novels, and any other kind of writing you can think of (excluding obituaries, poison pen letters, suicide notes etc etc).

Check it out HERE.

Click the pic to join get 10+ FREE BOOKS!

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