Top 10 Kindle Cover Disasters (Part 2)

AnonSince the site went viral, Kindle Cover Disasters has continued to spotlight and celebrate the world’s most attention-grabbing book covers. We spoke to the anonymous creator of the KCD Tumblr last year to ask him to name his Top 10 favourites; now we return for books 11-20…

11. On Wheels, by John Jakes


Jeremy Clarkson was already regretting the move to Amazon Prime.

12. Vampire Invaders, by Edward Packard


Taking your blood-drinking game to within spitting distance of the sun probably isn’t the smartest move in the vampire playbook.

13. Battlesaurus: Clash of Empires, by Brian Falkner


Nothing I say here is going to make this cover any more awesome than it already is.

14. Toilet Baby, by Shane McKenzie


Half baby, half toilet, all gross.

15. C.O.W.: Creatures of War, by Thomax Green


Note: Udders.

16. Slammed in the Butt by my Hugo Award Nomination, by Chuck Tingle


This book hit the market less than 24 hours after the news broke that Chuck Tingle had been nominated for a prestigious Hugo Award. This is what it means to be a writer in 2016.

17. Rammed by the Reviews for This Book, by Leonard Delaney


A world first – an erotic short story that changes according to your Amazon reviews. Go take part and see your opinions incorporated into the story HERE.

18. Sorry I ruined Your Orgy, by Bradley Sands


“And the award for best book title goes to…”

19. Dungeons & Drag Queens, by MP Johnson


Note the high heel in the ampersand.

20. Booty Call of the Cthulhu, by Wren Winter


Take a lap and hit the showers Wren Winter, you killed it out there today.

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