Top 10 Books for Cat Lovers

The curator of Kindle Cover Disasters soils his search history to bring us a list of books for feline hoarders and the romantically-challenged.

 1. Crafting With Cat Hair, by Kaori Tsutaya


Warning: first remove hair from cat.

2. Think Like a Cat, by Pam Johnson-Bennett


Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder.

3. Why Cats Paint, by Heather Busch and Burton Silver

Why cats paint

…to relax between all the murder.

4. Kat Kong, by Dav Pilkey

kat kong

“Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was curiosity killed the beast.”

5. Dancing With Cats, by Burton Silver and Heather Busch

Dancing with Cats 1

This clearly satirical book comes with a thoroughly earnest 1 star review:

“The absurdity of the book’s concept is illustrated in one of many assinine [sic] photos, in which a man appears in a cat body paint costume with a giant cat tail strapped to his buttocks in what must be a repulsing attempt to seduce the cat into sexual relations. Truly disgusting!!!”

6. Fashion Cats, by Takako Iwasa


We can only hope the above reviewer hasn’t happened across this one.

7. Dead Pet, by Andrew Kirk and Jane Moseley



8. The Legacy, by John Coyne

the legacy


9. Games You Can Play With Your Pussy, by Ira Alterman


Last pussy gag. Promise.

10. So, You’ve Got a Fat Pussy, by Ira Alterman


Promise rescinded.

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