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David here.

I’ve just returned from a holiday to Portugal, rejuvenated, full of beans, and ready to sink my teeth into the new Spectral Detective book. Well, re-sink, technically. I actually found myself feeling rather inspired while I was away, and knocked out quite a few pages. Yay.

I don’t know what it was; maybe it was the fresh air, maybe it was the fresh seafood, or maybe it was just the change of scene, but I made some real gains in Lisbon. Then again, it could have been the stress of transporting a six-month-old on a plane that put me in a good place to write horror. Come to think of it, it was probably that last one. Yeah.

So, I’m six chapters in now, and I’m loving the way the new book is shaping up already. This one’s more sophisticated than Jake Fletcher’s previous outings, more philosophical, just… better. Better than anything I’ve written to date, I think, which is good news for anyone who’s stuck with the series so far!

(For those of you who have yet to dip into the Spectral Detective series, now’s your chance. Get the first three books in one collected volume by going HERE. And don’t forget to read the FREE prequel first by going HERE.)


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