The Ghost With the Most is on His Way

Hello, Insiders!

Matt here again.

I’ve seen the full cover for the NEW Jake Fletcher book. First of all, the cover is HOT STUFF. It’s different to the covers for the original trio of books, and there’s a good reason for that.

What’s the reason, Matt?

I’m coming to that. Jeez!

Although the next Jake Fletcher novel does follow on from those three previous Spectral Detective stories, we’re treating it just as much like it’s a book one in a brand new series. That means new readers can jump straight in and not be put off by a story that says it’s book 4 in a series. So basically we’re hoping it’ll get the best of both worlds: current readers will pick it up, and we can also advertise it to a big pile of newbies.

Anyway, that’s the plan, fingers crossed it works! Either way, Jake Fletcher is swaggering back your way soon, and he may have a strange new buddy in tow…


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