What Do You Like?

Hello, Insiders!

We’re both busy working on our new books. David on a BRAND NEW Jake Fletcher book (ooh!) and me on a secret book that 1) … isn’t UF,  and 2) I REFUSE to tell you anything about. Annoying, hey?


As we write like madmen, I was wondering who your fave non-lead characters in the Uncanny Kingdom are..? Do you smile every time that nasty piece of work Razor pops up? Or perhaps Carlisle, arrogantly sweeping about in his long purple coat, is more to your fancy? Wait, don’t tell me, it’s that adorable fox wielding his mighty axe from the Dark Lakes, isn’t it?


Then why don’t you just reply and let me know already!


Hit us up at mail@uncannykingdom.com.


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