Clara’s Top 5 Moments

ClaraClara Oswald is now an ex-companion. She has ceased to companion. Jenna Coleman has been a part of Doctor Who for three years; across two Doctors and one HUGE 50th anniversary special. In this wee list, I’m going to pick 5 top moments from the life and times of Miss Oswald. Keeping it to five was HUGELY difficult. What, no Kill The Moon telling off? No The Witches Familiar Dalek ride? What about that ace bit in Dark Water, where she tries to force the Doctor into saving Danny?!


Too much awesomeness…!

But I was strong and I stuck to just five moments.


Asylum of the Daleks: Souffle Girl

sylum clara

SURPRISE! How marvellous that they managed to keep Jenna’s first appearance under wraps. We all knew she was going to be the next companion, but we weren’t expecting her for months! And she was brilliant, and sparky, and….wait, SHE’S A DALEK? Our heads exploded twice during the course of this season 7 opener.

Name of the Doctor: I Don’t Know Where I Am

name clara

Well this is just marvelous fun! Clara, splintered through time, jumping in and out of all the different Doctor’s lives. Running after him, shouting, trying to grab his attention as he goes about his Doctor-ish business.  It’s pure flail-fest for the Who-afflicted.

Day of the Doctor: Push the Button

day of clara

Clara knew the Doctor wiped out his own people, but she never pictured her own charming, goofy version of him ever doing such a thing. And so, when the Doctor, THREE Doctors, have accepted there is no other choice, and prepare to use the Moment together, it’s up to Clara to make him think again. To be better. That there HAS to be a way that doesn’t make him resort to genocide.

Listen: This Is Just a Dream

listen clara pic

Clara unexpectedly finds herself under the bed of the Doctor when he was a child. What follows is one of the most moving bits in all of Who, as Clara gently strokes the young Doc’s hair and tells him that fear can be a super power. Gosh, it punches you right in the heart. “Bu-bu-but, Moffat can’t DO emotion!” Okay dumb-dumb, if you say so.

Face The Raven: Let Me Be Brave…

face the raven

I may have shed a tiny, manly tear. Or six. Clara’s over-confidence and desire to be the Doctor finally catches up with her. Gosh, that’s some tasty character-based ending; yum-yum! From the moment she realises she’s a gonner, until she finally exhales her last and drops to the cobbles, we get a powerhouse, heart-rending performance from Jenna; who is, be in no doubt, one of the finest actors ever to hop aboard the TARDIS.

See you then, Clara. Miss ya’.

Okay who nerds; what SHOULD have made this list? Yell your own favourite Clara moments at me!

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2 thoughts on “Clara’s Top 5 Moments

  1. I think the bit in Rings when she encourages and gives confidence to the child who has to sing to the god is a good moment.

    Talking Riggsy out of a pointless but heroic self against the Boneless in Flatline.

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