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Matt here, back again like a bad taste in your mouth. This week I thought I’d take a look at first lines. Love a good first line in a book, me. You’ve gotta get off on the right foot straight away so the reader isn’t tempted to put the book down, or worse, lob it into the fireplace. So, let’s take a look at some of our first lines.


Dark Lakes 1 dr3

Magic Eater

“I suppose this all started when I woke up without a single clue as to who I was, where I was, or why I was bleeding from so many different and interesting places.”

One of mine, that. *blushes* Please, enough with all the compliments you’re probably (definitely) tossing my way.

I like this one, it’s quirky and fun, just like Joseph, our bumbling lead. You know this one is going to have a narrator you’ll have a good time with. And you will. Oh yes, you will.


Spectral Detective 1 dr2

Spectral Detective

“It was half past midnight when the screaming started.”

David wrote this one. I suppose it’s okay. Suppose.  If you like that kind of thing.

Now, this one is good as it’s short, to the point, and drops you straight into a murky, dangerous, noir-tinged world of Jake Fletcher, the ghost with the most. It’s really painting you a picture for the kind of story you’re in for; a story about murder and things that go bump in the night… and the things that bump back.


Uncanny Ink 1

Bad Soul

How about a treat to end on? How about not just the first line, but the first several lines from our next release, Bad Soul? Book one in our brand new series that launches October 18th? Sound good? Okay, okay, here you go. You know, I’m too good to you, I really am:

“This story starts with me in jail, locked up for a crime I didn’t commit. Framed. A huge miscarriage of justice. My freedom cruelly and unjustly torn from my blameless hands. Okay, technically I may have broken a guy’s legs in fifteen different places, but in my defence, I did it for the money.”

Hoo boy! You’d better believe that Erin Banks is gonna kick your arse this October!

That’s just the start, we’re gonna be waving all kinds of tasty treats under your nose as we march towards the launch of our new series. But hey, back to the topic at hand. First lines. Do you have a fave first line from a book? Do you have a fave first line out of one of our books, even? Reply and let us know!


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